Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy Anniversary to us!

Well, it's our 4th Anniversary today! Yep, we got married on 6-5-4! Here's a picture of where we got married - we did it in Las Vegas, but not the typical "Elvis Church" thing ... we got married at the Red Rock Canyon State Park which was a gorgeous setting! (Though, I did have to climb up to this "arch" and you all know me "MISS GRACE" and 5 months pregnant ... I was lucky I didn't injure me AND the baby!!! LOL) It was so nice to have just my closest family and my best friends there.

We went to dinner last night because Sam is traveling up in DC today for work and then going to Minneapolis to see Ben and Kayla. Kayla has her yearly dance recital, so he's looking forward to seeing that on Saturday. FYI: We went to that new River Stone Chophouse in Suffolk (Harbourview) last night- very nice!! We then went to see Sex in the City (my choice, of course, not his...though he kindly obliged me!) though it really wasn't the best "Anniversary" movie since it's all about break ups and make ups ... but it was funny all the same! God, I miss that show! The LAST movie that Sam and I can remember seeing by ourselves in a movie theatre was like two years ago!! Pretty sad! We've gotten babysitters where we've gone to dinner with the "intention" of going to a movie afterward, but are usually just too wiped out to go after we eat and have a couple drinks ... so we usually just end up coming home!

We were talking about how much we've done in just the last 4 years. Look at this. *WOW* Most people don't have this many "life changes" in 10 years, let alone 4. And actually it's less than 4 because we have been in the same spot, in the same job, with the same kids for the last year and 1/2, and with the exception of "Florida" we haven't travelled anywhere "new" in over a year!

Life changes
  • Had three babies
  • Lived in three states
  • Three new jobs (two for Sam - and one for me) Note: The first job Sam didn't like as much. This one he loves!!
  • Been in three countries (by end of July it will be six!)
  • Traveled to 13 states (by end of July it will be 14!) and this does not count the ones we only "drove" thru!

We've also seen the Northern Lights, Niagra Falls, been to the top of the CN Tower ... and have done several other amazing things like white water rafting underneath the New River Gorge Bridge! We've been a very blessed and lucky couple to be this fortunate to get to do so many wonderful things together and I hope we'll have lots more years where we can keep adding to this list!!! (The travel list!!! I'm done with babies and moving and new jobs!!)

Happy Anniversary honey if you get to read this from your hotel room tonight.... I love you very much!



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TheAkersFam said...

Happy Anniversary To You!
Happy Anniversary To You!
Happy Anniversary Sam and Rachel!
Happy Anniversary To You!!!!

Now go eat some cake. (Let me know if you need any help polishing it off!)