Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One little Monkey ...

Climbing up a tree! (I hope he doesn't fall off and bump his head!) (Yeah, I know that's not how the story goes!!!)

Here's a picture of Zach climbing up his first tree ever....it's actually in our neighbor's yard across the street and it's a perfect "tree climbing tree." Actually their son Brody (Zach's little friend) learned to climb the tree earlier in the summer so it's been a pretty cool tree!!

Practically every night (what an exaggeration, I know) Zach and Brody have been out trying to catch as many fire-flies as possible with the other kids from the cul-de-sac. Zach doesn't quite get the concept of catching them with his hands cupped like a bowl, and he'll bring them to you with the lightning bug pinched between his fingers ("look what I got")! Other than the many lightning bug carcases which are probably laying around our yard, he absolutely LOVES catching fire-flies (and really any kind of bug). The other morning he woke up in our bed (what else is new) and I looked at him and said Good Morning and he said Mom, Santa is coming tomorrow and he's going to bring me the biggest fire-fly EVER! (Ya think he was dreaming??)

It's not a huge tree, but he got up there all by himself - with no shoes on I might add! (And yes, those ARE his pajamas....he was already wearing them when Brody came over to ask about catching fire-flies!)

I can't believe he's such a big boy now that he's climbing trees on his own now! What's next, riding his bike in the street? (Gasp!) <-- That was for you, nan!! (Smile!!)

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