Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ice Cream Social

The ice cream Man came around in his Ice Cream "Cruck" the other day and Grandma bought everyone ice cream ... *yay*

As you can see below, they all thoroughly enjoyed the treat, though it was baths for everyone immediately afterward!

They just heard the ice cream truck. Click on this picture for a larger view. They look so deep in conversation...what could they have possibly been talking about do you think? Do you want to get a bomb pop? Or the tweety bird Popsicle? A snow cone? LOL! I took this picture from my front porch with my zoom lens ... very cute.

Brody or "Brodes" as Zach calls him (also what Brody's parents call

Oh, ice cream cruck (that's what Addie calls it - can't say T words) pulling into our cul de sac... Can you see the excitement? Jumping up and down??

They HAD to have RED Popsicles

Umm, mom ... I need to get my hands washed!

Hey Seth, can you give me a push?

Ok, what was she thinking?

Here's Seth, pushing her around the cream in hand!

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