Friday, May 23, 2008

Twins. Double the fun?

Um yeah, Not so much.

This is an example of what living with twins is REALLLLLY like. So all you wonderful moms and dads-t0-be out there who are expecting twins and are really getting excited.....(Rachel is snidely giggling right now) this is what you're in for.

Because when one twin is having a tantrum - a real meltdown - usually they both do. If not for whatever the "reason" their sibling is having the tantrum, I think they do it on BEHALF of their womb-mate!

The cause of this PARTICULAR meltdown was that their dad was outside washing his car. They were inside because they both had a low-grade fever. Addison wanted her Daddy and was having no part of ANYTHING else. Her meltdown lasted at least 30 minutes. If you notice, we go from drool, to complete slobber ... love the picture of her with her fingers up both nostrils. I mean that is CLASSIC - TOTAL BLACKMAIL photos - I'm giving THAT one to her future husband (sorry sweetie....that will be payback for those 30 minutes - as a matter of fact, I'm putting that beauty in it's full glory full size down below. LOLLLLL ONLY MY POLISH KIDS, I TELL YA! They sleep in their pee, and they put their fingers half way up their nostrils!!!) Anyway, I tried everything to calm her down and when her sister started in - who if you notice was having a "tantrum" but was more or less just "participating" - she didn't have the tears or the slobber and she kept looking over at Addison like come on - are we done yet??? LOL!

So all the mommas getting ready for twins, look out. Here comes trouble. :D

Here's a full size blackmail shot of Addison - poor thing. She's gonna regret this temper tantrum one day!


PS: Of course, I say all this, and there are many more smiling moments captured on my camera of the twins, and I only got these crying pictures because I have VERY few of the girls. I have LOTS and LOTS of Zach being cranky when he was a baby, but hardly any of the girls. They've been much better babies than he was and they really don't have ALL that many true meltdowns. I will say, though, that when they DO - whew, look out. He doesn't have them like this - lay on the floor, kick, cry, drool, for thirty minutes at a time. They don't give it up!! I can't imagine NOT having twins in my life - they're a PURE joy and it's so amazing every day to see them getting bigger, forming their own little personalities - their DNA may be 100% identical, but that's about it - these girls personalities are as different as salt and pepper, yet they go together like peanut butter and jelly. You can't imagine one without the other. :)

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Sam and Rachel Tramontana said...

By the way I should say I stole the "style" from my friend Jen's page - she did a full blown tantrum collage of one of her boys - it was the first thing I thought of doing with my new photoshop! Heheeee!