Saturday, May 10, 2008

Just to add to my previous post.....

And so you think I'm crazy right?

For my earlier post and the jumping off the bridge comment.

You think my kids are all sweet and innocent? Cute as buttons? HA! ;)

Here I am in my pre-Mother's Day bubble bath, when I hear them crying (their bedroom is right next to our bathroom.) I hear Sam come in the room and all of a sudden I hear "WHERE ARE YOUR CLOTHES. WHERE ARE YOUR DIAPERS?" I get out of the tub quickly to help assist (because I know this can be BAD) and I go in - the girls must have taken their clothes off right when they went to bed tonight, they've peed numerous times on their bed, their floor, etc. and of course now they're shivering for new clothes, diapers and sheets.

Please tell me your kids do things like this too. Please! Even if you have to lie to me. Just tell me they do, so I don't feel like my kids are the only ones on the planet who would possibly want to take their clothes off and sleep in PEE. OY VEY!


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