Wednesday, April 23, 2008

But playing in the mud is so much fun, Mom!

Who says girls don't like to get dirty once in awhile? Here's some shots of the girls playing in this ..... muddy puddle in our front yard. It's actually the thing that covers the meter for the water usage but it's set below the level of the ground so water, leaves, etc. collects there and when it rains, there always seems to be kids splahsing in it. Well this was the first time my kids have been in it (we have a new lady watching the kids, Melissa, and she's obviously a LOT calmer about those kind of things than me..........LOL.........but the thing is they had a BLAST playing in the dirty puddle, so maybe I should let them be ....dirty....more often!!! Heeheeee!)

Here's some pictures and as you can tell, they were enjoying themselves quite thoroughly. Zach wasnt quite into the whole let's dunk our face in the puddle ... but he did pick up a new friend, apparently named "Worky" (a worm) and got into the action a little bit. Avery was literally throwing wet muddy leaves on top of Addie who thought it was hysterical - she was having a great time. It was too cute, so I had to get one or two (or ten) pictures!!!! Of course they headed straight for the bathtub afterward. (I'm curious to see how dirty the bathtub looks!!) Hope you enjoy the photos!

Have a great (muddy) day!



What have we here? A puddle in the grass?

A worm? I think I'll call him Worky!

Have some wet leaves on your head Addie! Oh and don't mind my pants, they're falling down!

Wahoo! This is pretty fun! Our Mom never lets us play in the MUD!

Hey I found a flower down there. Let me smell it.

Blah to you too Avery!
Aww, Zach give Worky a kiss!
Hmm, let me lick up some of this water. Yum Yum, Avery!
Those leave sure make the fashion statement Addison!

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