Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kayla's Prom 2008

Here are some pictures Beth sent us before Kayla left for PROM last night! Can you believe it? She looks positively incredible .... I know that when we went to prom we sure did not look this glamorous!

She went with her boyfriend Kory and I'm sure a group of friends, we can't wait to hear how much fun she had!!

She looks amazing ....Ok .... Kory looks pretty handsome too!! :)

(Daddy could have done without this picture.....heeheee!)

This is typical Kayla - being a goofball! Very cute!!

Kayla and some of her girlfriends !

Time sure flies....Kayla is going to be 17 in a few weeks ... Ben's going to be 12 ... Zach - FOUR this September. He's going to be in Preschool this fall getting ready for Kindergarten which he will start as a four year old next August/September (2009). You look at pictures like these and realize how fast time goes, I remember when I first met Kayla - she still looked like such a little girl...and seeing her now makes me just realize how fast time goes. Here's a picture of her from right after Zach was born. Look at the change in just 3 1/2 years! Unreal!!! Next thing I know the twins will be driving or something. Yikes!! You guys all just slow down, will ya???!!!!

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