Thursday, April 17, 2008

Have I mentioned lately ....

....That I am still completely in love with my camera? (And you too, honey ... it's not all about the camera, don't worry!!!!!!)

Here's some shots that I took of the girls tonight while Zach was at soccer practice....they have just been so photogenic these days. I've hardly got any pictures of my little guy lately (which as you ALL know is so TOTALLY unusual for me!!)

Thought I'd share, I'm proud of my picture-taking with my new camera! Bear with me, there's a bunch. We hardly EVER get any good shots of Avery ... she's the least "smiley" of the bunch USUALLY ... but she's getting better...and I got several really cute ones of her today!

Addie side view

Addie yelling something? Better close her mouth or a bug might fly in!

Avery with that tongue!
Addie looking all sweet? NOT! ;) Smile!
Hmm, I'll pick the dandelions!
We call these Addie's "Lookin' Eyes"
Addie was looking at a plane flying over

Avery - she' so happy!
The rest are all Ave ...

She looks like a little baby doll....

Anyway, just wanted to share my pictures.........Hope you have a great evening!
Hugs and kisses to all! Miss my family and friends back home!!!

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