Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Okay I have a quick funny story. You know your kid is getting older when other kids start calling him "dude."

Last week Sam and I took the kids to McDonald's for lunch and he was running around with some other kids - boys that looked right around his age - but there was one boy who looked like he was maybe a year or so older than him. Well Zach stopped by mom & dad to grab a drink (I know - so "uncool", right?) and this kid was like "Dude, hey Dude" to try to get Zach's attention and get him back on the playground thing. I was laughing so hard - I said Sam - that kid just called Zach Dude!! He's three and he's a DUDE. The things kids say are so funny!
It was amazing to see them playing in there because all three kids loved going up and down the winding tubes and the climbing things - and it was SO new for Zach (who has been to McDonald's probably three hundred times, I'm afraid to say) but three weeks or so ago was the first time he even DARED to set FOOT inside one of those things and his sisters - 15 months his junior and "against the rules" (which state that the playground is for kids 3 & up) went right in, climbed right up to the top, down the tube slide and everything .... they LOVE it! The first time we took the girls, they played so hard and ran up and down the tubes so much they were (literally - and this is not a joke) dripping in sweat -their hair was so wet it looked like they just came out of the tub - they had such a good time.
Though I don't recommend going if you're a germ-a-phobe ... they do get pretty stinking dirty! I bring the Purrell and just keep squirting it on them each time they decide to "grab a bite"! Some things, you just can't worry about - it's more fun to see them playing and having fun than a few germs once in a while!
Anyway, hope the "dude" story made you laugh!
Have a good night!

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