Saturday, March 1, 2008

Guess what we gave up??

Yep! Our pacis!

Well, just during the day......for now!

We finally had had "ENOUGH" of the pacis so we decided to go with an idea that someone had given us and that was to:

Put them in a box and take them to the store. So we packed all the pacis up that we could find, and sat the kids down and explained our plan. They "seemed" to be all on board with it - they were each going to be able to pick "ONE" out for nap/bed time and the rest we were going to trade in at the Toys R Us for whatever they wanted (within reason of course). I kind of steered Zach towards a Leapster, because I thought that would keep him occupied and he would learn - he loves anything educational ... and so we arrive at the Toys R Us all gung ho ... the girls pick out ponies (sticks with pony heads that you ride on) and one picked out a hipppo flashlight that laughs and the other picked out a pink dolphin.....and Mommy and Zach excitedly go over by the LeapFrog department and ........NO LEAPSTER. MAJOR BUMMER. So now what do I tell the kid who has done so good? I tell him that later on we'll go over to Target. They're still kind of sick so we go home and I tell him that when he wakes up from his nap, mommy will have his Leapster. So I put the kids down for naps and I go out to get the Leapster. I figured the Toys R Us we went to was a fluke - thing....right? Uh, yeah, I don't think so. I get to Target. No Leapster. The Target here is attached to a mall. I went to every store I could think of that sells toys in the mall...NO LEAPSTER. I'm sweating now. I went to the OTHER Toys R Us. They're out too. I go to Wal-Mart. Nope, out too. I call another Wal-Mart. All out. What is it with the freaking Leapster, are these things like the hot after Christmas HAVE TO HAVE TOY????? I get home, I'm very upset because I promised him.....and I walk in the door at the same time Zach comes down from his nap ....I have some other bags (American Eagle, Bath & Body, etc.) And Zach says is my Leapster in there mommy ....and of course I have to try to tell him no they didn't have it....and how do you explain that to a 3 year old you promised would have it when he woke up? WHO KNEW this thing would be so hard to find?? So yeah, I felt like crap. :(

ANYWAY..........Since the kids were still sick, they couldn't go to our neighbor Brody's 4th birthday party earlier that day - which was too bad because it was at the Jumpin' Monkey - and the name in itself tells you right there ...... the kids would have been WORN OUT FOR HOURS, right? So after the party, me and Zach brought Brody's birthday gifts over to him and Brody has a V-Smile pocket, which is SORT OF like a Leapster. AND.......I saw one at the toy store. So, I had Zach try it out...and he liked it. So Sam went over to the store and we got him a V-Smile Pocket. (Of course, this one was like $30.00 more expensive and we had to buy the game that Zach played over there ... another $20.00 .... but at the end of the day.....crisis averted!)

Of course, the next day, no one remembered that they GAVE OUR PACI's UP and got new toys for doing so ... and they screamed for poor Caitlin! We have had a pretty rough week, but it has gotten a little better toward the end. If they get really crabby and say "we need it" I told Cait just to give them M&M's. That seems to do the trick. (Smile!!)

As an update on the V-Smile, though .... Zach LOVES it....and he plays it all the time.

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