Saturday, March 1, 2008

Future David Beckham?

Zachary started his soccer career this week ... he had his first practice for his new team called "The Burn" (Don't ask about the name...."Coach" didn't pick it). Let's just say, Sam had lots of fun trying to corral 6 3 year olds into doing the same thing at the same time (Poor guy.) It's gonna be a lonnnnnng season. Will post video of his first game in another week and a half. Zach gets this "Face" when he has the ball. We call it his "game face." Anyway, here's a picture of him at his first practice. Thought you'd enjoy seeing some now and ...... my version of him "THEN". :) SMILE!!!

Zach now:

And Zach in 20 years: (I mean, there IS a little resemblance .... RIGHT?) Heeheee!

PS: I really wanted to post the half-naked pictures of Mr. Beckham because I thought they'd be more fun to look at, but SOMEONE didn't think it was a good idea since I'm comparing him to my kid. Heheeee!

Have a good night everyone...hope you are all doing well!



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