Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ice Skating ... Part Deux

Here's some pictures from Zach's 2nd Ice Skating lesson (or as Zach says ... HOCKEY PRACTICE) this morning ... he did good ... and he even got a sticker for his helmet (which he was very excited about!!)

They practiced standing and touching their toes, and marching ... (and I'm not entirely sure what else because I wasn't there, and Sam's sleeping now otherwise I'd ask him!) Anyway .... here's some pictures. They're cute, but a little fuzzy - unfortunately.

Afterwards, Daddy took Zach to the toy store to get him a new monster truck .... that's what they did the first week when they went and the practice was cancelled so Zach was kind of bummed out.....and now it's become the "ritual" that was fun for Zach.

The kids were supposed to go to our neighbor Brody's birthday party afterwards but he got sick so the party got rescheduled (aww, but he's better now....) so me and the gals stayed home in our jammies and read books. More posts to follow...with the girls "birthday" pictures! :)

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