Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mommy Moment ...

Tonight we took the kids to the Holiday Lights at the Beach. This is an annual event in VA Beach, where the city turns the boardwalk into a spectacular nautical themed Christmas light-show...that you can drive through! Open the windows on this cool, 55 degree night and you could hear the waves crashing and smell the sea air! Amazing! (Not quite what we're used to!!)

Here are some pictures (borrowed from their website)

Anyway, on our way home, we stopped for dinner - and I won't go into that horror story....let's just say that the kids *normally* eat dinner at 5:00 and are in bed at 7:00 ----and we weren't even at the restaurant until 7:00 ... but as we were driving home and singing songs from the CARS movie to try and take our minds off being cranky (lol)... I looked back and ALL THREE KIDS WERE HOLDING HANDS!!!!! ***SIGH*** That was truly a MOMMY MOMENT!

Have a great night everyone! Be on the lookout for some pictures here in the next couple days....I'm sure we'll have LOTS to share!

And don't forget .... SANTA IS WATCHING! Speaking of Santa....are any of your kids out there as logical as ours apparently is? Zach is having the absolute hardest time with the idea that Santa could POSSIBLY be coming down the chimney. First it was No Mom, it's too hot for him to come down the chimeny through the fireplace. And now he's absolutely certain that he won't fit. Why can't he just BELIEVE?? :)

If I don't post before then, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!!!


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