Friday, December 14, 2007

Confession to make...

Ok I have a confession to make.

I'm 25 (ohhhhhkayyy. 34.) years old. And I'm hopelessly addicted to ......... (yes, apple martinis) but besides that GUITAR HERO! And my husband is 44....and he's more addicted than I am! (to the game that is!) :)

Do you think it's sad and pathetic that we spend our free time rocking away like teenagers on this thing? If you haven't tried it, you have GOT to check it out...LOL!

If you go to you can search for Guitar Hero and see the many funny videos people have turned in. We had our neighbors over the other night for a Guitar Hero-a-thon and we were cracking up for hours!

So not only am I addicted to this VIDEO GAME...but I've recently come down with"tennis elbow" in the last month or so. I have to get a cortisone injection in order to stop the pain, it hurts THAT bad. (I don't know if you've ever experienced tendinitis...this is my first's awful!) For the last month I have been wondering what the heck I could have done to my elbow ...because I've never felt anything like this. The somewhat *odd* thing is that the problem is in my left elbow...which is only odd because usually one gets tennis elbow in their dominant arm....which would be my right. Well. I realized tonight, jamming to Cult of Personality, that the ONLY thing I consistently do with my left arm, and have only done for the last 6-7 play Guitar Hero. Unreal! GUITAR HERO CAUSED MY TENDINITIS! The game should come with a health warning....wear arm brace or else...! Do I hear class action suit? :) Sad, sad, sad. (heeheee!!!)

. . . . . . . my boss has specifically asked me to get a video of Sam on the guitar! :) (Smile honey, you haven't even heard this yet!)

Have a good night everyone!

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