Thursday, September 6, 2007


Well......after years of "saying" I'm gonna do it, I FINALLY have started scrapping! YAY!!!

Here are my three hour masterpieces from this evening. What do you think?

My neighbor, Jen, sells Stampin' Up and I went to a party and spent my paycheck ... so I thought I'd get started. (Please note, nothing I used in these two pages was done with my new Stampin' Up stuff. Hmm. LOL! Actually, I haven't gotten up the courage to put together my stamps that I ordered so the "stamping" part of these projects will come next....these first few are just my *practice* pages in preparation of our girl's weekend coming up in November!) I'm hosting a Stampin' Up party next month in case any of y'all are interested in attending/ordering! (Help a momma out, will ya? I get FREE stuff if you order!! :) ) <--- just kidding!!!

Hope you have a great evening!


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