Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Catching up–October, November, December, January AND February … WOW.

I know, I know – it’s been months since my last update.  WOW, that’s horrible!   Just admit it, though, you’ve missed me!   Seems like every time I post I’m “catching up.”   I’m not even sure where to start which is why I’ve been putting off updating!!   

So let me fill you in on what’s been going on in our lives, in no particular order:

Work: As many of you know, I left MTC and started a new job with MDV Nash Finch (where Sam works) as a Business Manager.  I’ve been in the “food distribution” industry for my entire career but this is the first time I’ve been involved on the military side.  Even though I’m working with many of the same manufacturers that I’ve done business with before, the government involvement makes the process so much more complex.  But I love that I’m learning so much and I enjoy working with so many people dedicated to providing valuable services to our armed heroes at home and abroad.   I enjoy working with Sam because we can car-pool and have lunch together like we used to when we were with Atlas. :)   We’re in two different “departments” but we do get involved in some of the same projects……we were both in Oklahoma City last week attending the same meeting about an upcoming expansion project.  I left MTC in mid-October, and stared with MDV in Mid November.   It’s been crazy to say the least and going to get even more crazy as Sam has a ridiculously heavy travel schedule over the next couple months.

School:  All three kids have gotten fully in the “school” routine and have adjusted very well. The girls enjoy school so much and have made lots of little friends, which I’m happy for because this is the first time they’ve had their “own” friends.  They had their birthday party last week, and it was about 8 five year olds from their pre-school class (NO BOYS, LOL!) and they had a fabulous time!!    They wanted a Barbie “spa” party, so we had kid-size mimosas (sparkling grape juice!) for the kids and real mimosas for the moms!  They got their hair done, glitter spray, make up, lip gloss, nails polished … it was very cute.  Since they wanted no boys, Zach was ONLY allowed to bring the presents in.  When he asked the day before if he could have a noise blower thing they said yeah, but we’ll toss it outside to you! LOL!!   It ended up raining on the day of their party and I heard Addie saying to Zach well, since it’s raining you can stay inside, but only in your room. . So all the boys (Zach, Dad and the dog) played in Zach’s room until it was “safe” for boys to come down (cake time!!)

It is so amazing to see how truly different my “identical” twins are … they may look alike and Lord knows we’re always calling them the wrong one … but their personalities are so totally different!!   This past year at Preschool has been great for them – and it’s fun to see how even though they’re in the same class they still do things on their own (they don’t sit together, aren’t naturally drawn together with their friends.)  They still have that special “connection” though – most nights we’ll find them asleep together or if they’re sitting next to each other they will end up holding hands or rubbing the other ones back (without realizing they’re doing it.)   I can’t believe they turned five this month.   My babies are no longer babies anymore. 

Zach is doing very well in school academically (he is reading at a 3rd grade level….wonder where he gets that from!) – but he continues to get in trouble for being the social butterfly / class clown.   (Zach, if you’re reading this  – try to remember why God gave you two ears and only one mouth.)   Sam and I met Zach at school a few months ago and it’s clear that he’s a happily adjusted (aka popular) kid, if you base the number of times we were interrupted by both boys and girls that wanted to say hi to him.  LOL!  He’s too smart for his own good, though …the little forger gave his dad a note awhile ago that was from his “teacher” (it was written in crayon and on purple construction paper) that said:

To: Rachl Tramontana

From: Miss Curran

Zach should stay home for 4 days.  Please sine here if it is ok. _____________________________________.  

I should have taken a picture of it!!!  I can only imagine what he’s going to do when he doesn’t want to show us his report card!!    Though …. I can’t say I fault him too much – the things he is learning is first grade is mind blowing!  He has to do THREE oral and written “reports” that come with grading “rubrics” (and he can get himself right on google.com and “research” his subject).  One day he was telling me what he did in school and he was using the word “vertices”.  I said honey, that’s not a word and Sam overhears this conversation and said “yes Rach, it is a word, it’s the plural of vertex” …. which is exactly what he was talking about.  SCARY.  (Please note, I’ve asked probably 50 adults since then if they know what “vertices” mean and at least 47 have NOT, so at least I don’t feel too bad!!)    He is definitely a smart cookie!!! 

Kayla is still dancing for U of MN and last month she won her 2nd National College Championship for Poms and Jazz dance! Nationals were held in Orlando again (Disney) and are just starting to air on ESPN.   (DVR if you can – their routines were amazing!!!) Kay’s living in her own apartment near the U and  when Sam goes into Minneapolis for work – he has been extending his trips a couple days and staying at her place which has been a lot of fun for him to see her in that setting!!

Ben is doing good in school and playing hockey.  His team came in second in their county and of course Ben was a top goal scorer!!  Sam got to see a couple games while he was in Minnesota for a work trip, so that was a great!!

What else, what else ………. ahhh, so much to catch up on and no idea where to start.  I think I’m going to post some links to the last few months of pics … if you’re on Facebook you probably have seen most of them as I tend to post there first … but if not, you’ve got a lot to go through! :)  And I will just start blogging as things come up rather than trying to go back, which is just …. impossible!  

Hope you all are well, I’ve missed you! :)

xoxoxo Rachel

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I loveee your story about the note from the teacher!! That is so funny and cute!