Saturday, November 7, 2009

Show me those pearly whites!

We set up Zach's first dentist appointment a few weeks ago - his top two teeth are loose (thanks to a fall off his bike) and he's never had a cleaning ... so here are some pictures from our adventure ...

Ummm yeah, not so happy here!

But Miss Courtney sure did a great job getting him to come around!!

At the Xray machine.
Must be nice because I remember having to bite down on those huge circle things with the "film" cutting into your mouth - now they just stand there and the machine goes around him.

So the two teeth should be coming out at some point - but since his adult teeth aren't quite ready yet he'll be actually toothless for awhile! He can't wait until they fall out because he's excited for the Toothfairy. Oh, and NO cavities! Yeah!!

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