Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Parade

Well it was time for our neighborhood's annual Halloween parade! The kids had a great time - they got to walk around our neighborhood with a ton of other kids in the parade, then end up at a cul-de-sac where there were costume contests, prizes for all, treats and food! They were in heaven! :)

The girls ended up winning "Most Original Costume" for their Dorothy costumes. Zach didn't win a prize for his costume, but one of his sisters (Ave) gave Zach her medal for being the "bestest brother". They all got to pick something from a huge box of toys and had Halloween cookies and juice for the walk back home! It is so nice that our neighborhood does this for the kids every year!! It was a great afternoon - it wasn't too hot, it wasn't too cool! We missed having Nana and Moxie here this year for the parade, Moxie looked so cute in her costume last year!!

Here's their picture from this year - note this is the first year the three of them didn't do a "theme". The first year the girls were born they were Angels and Zach was a devil, the second year they were all pirates (those costumes won them "best costume" in the annual parade that year) and last year the girls were Dolphins cheerleaders, and Zach was a Dolphins football player. Zach wanted to go on his own this year and decided he wanted to be a "power ranger" (which really makes no sense, since he doesn't HAVE any Power Ranger toys nor had he ever watched the show.) Who knows!!! Anyway, here's their costume preview:

Goooooo Dolphins (2008)!!!!!

Arrgh you scurvy pirate! (2007)

The girls first Halloween (2006) .... I think if we did this "theme" again, they'd all be little Devils!

I LOVED his Vampire costume! (2005)! This is probably my favorite one of all of his!

This was Zach's very first costume (2004). He weighed about 5 lbs. by Halloween and this was the only thing we could find that even came close to fitting him. Otherwise we wouldn't have dressed him up as a cow!! LOL

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