Sunday, September 27, 2009

T-ball….take two!

Zach started his second season of T-ball ….and let’s just say we’ve had a couple flashbacks from the “Dodgers.”

Here’s some pictures of his second game.  (The first game daddy was on a 100 mile bike-a-thon so he couldn’t make it and I couldn’t manage the camera – which was OK because he pretty much sat on the bench the whole time!) 

First game last season


Second season …

IMG_7678 IMG_7677

I will mention though, that at his third game this Saturday, he didn’t cry at all and with the exception of puddle jumping and chasing butterflies, he actually played the whole game.   AND…Daddy wasn’t even there (he had a “guys” weekend white-water rafting on the Upper Gauley in WV).    Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera to catch the fact that he DID, in fact, play AND didn’t cry …. without any bribery or threats.  (heehee)

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