Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Sam and our neighbor, Kurt, rode their bikes to Williamsburg on Saturday.  To get to the downtown area it is about 45 miles and then they rode another 15 miles or so after that. 

Me, Kurt’s wife (Jen) and all of our kids met the guys at our most favorite lunch place in Williamsburg ---- The Cheese Shop.  They were quite sweaty (and rather stinky) but they had a GREAT day for a ride and we had a fantastic lunch and got some wine from their “wine cellar”. 

Here’s some pictures from the afternoon!  Sam is getting ready for a 100 mile ride he’s doing on September 12th!  That will be exciting to see him come in! 


 IMG_7549   IMG_7551    IMG_7555 IMG_7556 IMG_7557 IMG_7558  IMG_7560 IMG_7561 IMG_7563  IMG_7565 IMG_7566 IMG_7567 IMG_7568 IMG_7569

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lienardfamily said...

WOW! That's amazing! Congrats to your hubby and Kurt. You guys should have told us you were going to Colonial W'burg. We would have met you. We live only 5 min from there! Maybe next time. ;o)