Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My little dancers.....

The twins had their final dance class of the summer workshop they took (it was 7 weeks long), and the parents got to sit in and watch this last day. It was very cute!!!

At one part, when the tumbling started she was looking at Addison but said for Avery to come up to the mat. Apparently, Miss Michelle's way of telling the two apart for the last 7 weeks was to pull the tag out of Addie's tu-tu. (Since they were all sitting there facing her, she couldn't tell who was who.) So Avery goes up there and Miss Michelle makes the comment that she should have had her put the tag on the front, and Avery starts to adjust her tu-tu to try to do it. Very funny. Toward the end of the video, Avery looks very distracted and she's kind of just standing there doing something with her hands. Well, she found a sparkly butterfly on the floor (like a piece of plastic) and she was trying to tuck it into the elastic of her tu-tu so she could hang on to it - very creative.

I think they did great for their first time in an activity! They obviously have a lot to learn and I thought it was very interesting that they didn't stand together, or sit together in the circle. This was their choice, they could sit anywhere. Maybe the independence is kicking in - I know they are choosing their own clothes more and more often and they are deciding NOT to match all the time. *sigh* my babies are growing up. They didn't cry, fuss or get scared at all when they were up there - even with all the people cheering and clapping.

Hope you enjoy the video, very cute and I hope we can keep them in dance so they can follow in their big sister's footsteps!

PS: I should add here that our fantastic nanny, Rachel, took the girls to her house today and put their hair in hot curlers to make it all curly and she painted their nails. They looked so cute. It got a bit messy as we had to walk in the POURING rain to get into the car and then into the studio but it was so cute - all the curls with little diamond barrettes pinning some of it back!

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