Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Let's hear it for the Dodgers!

Well, Zach has officially completed his first "season" of baseball. The first few games were kind of iffy, if you recall, but he has really gotten into it towards the end. Well, by into it, I mean he's having fun - he still plays with the sand, follows the butterflies, looks at airplanes .... very easily distracted.

He got his big trophy today, and he ate cupcakes with his teammates, where he proceeded to put his whole face in green icing ... to make all the kids laugh. It was so funny seeing him be so social. Him and his friends were making up words in the dugout today - and they were cracking themselves up.

Anyway, just thought I'd let you all know my little guy is growing up. :(

On another note, we're getting ready for a 21 hour drive to Minneapolis tomorrow. (Yes, 21 hours and yes, we are crazy.) Kayla is graduating high school, and it's so expensive to fly 5 people. So please pray that we don't go insane after being in the car for 42 hours. We do get to make a couple of stops along the way - back home for a day on the way to Minneapolis and then to visit my mom, sister and brother in Wisconsin on the way back. So that helps to break up the trip. I've got plenty of batteries for the Vsmile, travel sized doodle-pros, TV's, notebooks & crayons, "magic" markers, sticker books. Hopefully ..... that is all we need. I was talking to Zach today about the "bacation" (vacation) and about how long we were going to be in the car and he said holy crud. I said don't say that. He said is holy crap better? I said no don't say that, try holy cow. The things kids say!

Well good night everyone and I'll post upon our return!


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