Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pre-school graduation

First let me tell you - I'm going to spare you the pictures and the embarrassing video that I know my neighbor took.
But Zachy 'graduated' pre-school this week. He's officially going to be a Kindergarten student in a few short months! I swear to you all it seems like he was just smaller than Sam's hand .... and now he's a big boy in baseball and going to KINDERGARTEN.

I say that I'm going to spare you the pics because all of them have Zach covering his eyes. He has the WORST stage fright. I mean, his teachers say that he sings in class, plays, etc. - but get him in front of 200 parents and WHOA ... it's too overwhelming for him. He also doesn't like when you cheer for him at T-ball....when I'm there I have to hold back not to cheer him on but he just doesn't like the "attention" or the spotlight on him. He's pretty strange (: that way.
Anyway, just thought I'd tell you Zach officially graduated pre-school and his teacher says he's definitely ready for Kindergarten (sniff sniff). Can anyone tell me where the time went?
Hope everyone is well ...... we are good, just enjoying the 3 day weekend. The kids are already in bed asleep (it's 8:00) ... amazing what a day at the pool will do to a kid. They were seriously falling asleep in their pasta tonight (funny!)


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