Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tricycle Rodeo

Today at Zach’s school they had a “Tricycle Rodeo” where the kids all got to bring Tricycles or bikes.  Zach brought his bike (the only one in his class that brought an actual bike) and he LOVED it.  He loved showing off for everyone (he rode so hard and fast around the “circle” I KNOW he’s gonna just CRASH tonight!)  His teacher, Miss Sharon, was a wee bit nervous at first with how fast Zach was going and taking the turns.   He looked so serious the whole time he was riding….he thought he was Lance Armstrong or something!  Here’s some cute pictures.


Zipping by Miss Sharon in the background (below)IMG_6116

IMG_6124 IMG_6108 IMG_6110

Jordyn (above)


This is Sydney above … Zach’s got a little bit of a crush on her.  He saved her Valentine card special, and he named our Beta Fish (YES OMG THEY ARE STILL ALIVE) Zach and Sydney.  :) 



This is Sophia (above) …. I think SHE has a crush on Zach .. LOL ….after the rodeo, she walked up to him and put her arms around him and gave him the biggest hug.  CUTE!


I’m not sure of her name,  but she is SO cute!




UPDATE:  7:30 PM …. Zach … OUT

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