Monday, March 9, 2009

Zach is in ..... T-Ball!

Well, Zach has officially started his second sport (not bad considering he's FOUR)! He started t-ball last week. Apparently he needed a little extra help, so Daddy has been practicing with him since the initial practice to help him. I'm not sure who is more excited, Daddy or Zach. (Smile!!) He's doing great and seems to LOVE it. Oh and the only thing that really stinks (lol) is that he's on the Dodgers. You know the team that knocked the Cubbies out of the playoffs? Sam had requested the Cubs, I think they gave him the Dodgers on purpose, LOL!

Here's some cute pictures. Please note, we ARE going to get the girls either in dance or soccer in the fall, or whenever the next available sessions are. Zach still wants to play soccer, so he'll do that in the fall, unless he much prefers this sport.

The "Alligator" trap!

Daddy's teaching him how to "trap" the ball. (Also, don't know if you can see it here, but look at those legs! (Sams!!) He's been taking spin classes 4 times a week and he's lost 22 lbs. since January. He and his co-workers are doing a "biggest loser" contest. Whether his team wins or not....I like!

Good stance!

Always with the tongue out while he's concentrating!

Nice throwing!

Dad teaching Zach how to throw


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