Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Trailer trash?

My SIL forwarded me this email today and the caption reads:

I'm tired of paying property taxes, school taxes, state taxes, etc. As long as my home has wheels, it's not considered a 'fixed' home address and I can take it south for winters, north for summer, and so on. The problem is that some may say I'll become 'trailer trash' so I want your opinion before I make this decision.

So I have officially decided, I could live the trailer trash lifestyle for a few years, roaming the country, homeschooling the kids .... I am just not sure how to go about getting one of these. We might have a "slight" issue with the 2-seater Mercedes as our "get around" car, but I'm sure we could work something out for the kids...don't ya think? This just made me laugh.....the kinds of things people spend their money on! More power to them, I guess, it IS a pretty incredible "mobile"home!!! :)


1 comment:

The Marcus Family said...

Um, I'd be more than happy to be trailer trash in that thing. haha