Thursday, January 22, 2009

I want a big spike dinosaur with a remote control that moves and picks up bones

If Sam and I had a nickel for every time Zach said that ... just like that (like the kid from The Christmas Story repeating his request for the "RedRider bb gun!!) we'd be rich!! He asked for the Spike Dinosaur for 2 straight months - never once changing his mind about what he wanted from Santa.
I've got some other videos to share, but I'm still learning how to use my new FLIP camcorder - which is basically a handheld (camera size) recorder that takes video basically the quality of a camera - it holds up to 60 minutes of video and you can download right to your computer (no software/editing skills necessary) and post online. It's small so it fits in my bag which is great so I always have it with me. That's the problem with our other video camera - it was sort of bulky, it took mini-tapes, I never knew how to transfer them (I have a whole bunch to get onto my computer, but don't know how) so it NEVER got used. I'm hoping with this - I'll get the chance to use it more often.

Anyway, here's Zach getting his beloved Spike. Enjoy!!


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