Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cupcake Chaos?

The first week in January I was in Baltimore, and usually when I go up, I like to bring the kids something small back .... just so they feel comfortable and more at ease with me going (they know I'm coming back ..... and with something.) Though I do want to mention since we've had our new nanny, Rachel, the kids are completely at ease when I come and go - no crying or anything!! YAY!! So anyway....I bought the girls these cupcake nightgowns - and I will tell you in the last three weeks, they've only NOT worn them to bed 3 or 4 times (and only then because they were so dirty and we positively REFUSED to let them be worn until washed!) Rachel washes them daily after she dresses them so after bath time they can get right back into clean PJ's! Avery especially - pretty much freaks out for her "cupcake jammies" if you try to make her wear anything different.

Anyway, here's a picture from the other day after their bath. I imagine they're going to be pretty worn out soon with how many times they've already been worn and washed. Apparently they like "nightgowns". :) Of course "buddy" (that's what they call him) had to get in on the action...he's NEVER one to miss a photo opp!

By the way - a few posts back, I talked about "baby u-i-corn" .... well, here it is - she's holding it. See arrow! Can you imagine first how many times per day/night this gets lost, and second what we have to go through to find it? Addie has a similar toy (see arrow), but it's a bunny rabbit and she's become the same way ... she cried in bed for 1/2 hour yesterday until I finally found the bunny - at which point, I was practically out of breath and sweating (moving furniture, up and down the stairs looking everywhere - the trash can was next) LOL. These girls need to get attached to something big and fluffy - like a pillow or even a blankie!


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