Saturday, December 6, 2008


I know my posts are kind of all over the place....I'm still behind posting Zach's last soccer game and his party where he got his (gasp!!) trophy for participation....but....what can I say!!

Last night we took the kids to this thing called Hollydazzle in Newport News ... it's a "once a year" event, apparently, in this little city center / town square area (there are shops, restaurants, etc). They were going to light up this huge Christmas tree and have fireworks over this really pretty pond (actually a very big pond) that's in the middle of this square around 9 - so we figured we would get there around 6:30ish to eat dinner at the Red Star Tavern (yum) and then walk around, see the fireworks and tree lighting and go home. They had lots of stuff for the kids - they were giving out tons of light sticks (these huge "foam noodle" looking things that had batteries with different "glow" settings so you could change the color, make them blink, random, etc.), they were giving out glow stick necklaces, Frisbees, crafts, ornaments for the kids...all sorts of stuff. They also had a little carnival, food booths everywhere (funnel cakes, kettle corn, hot dogs, etc.) They had several bands/orchestras/carolers playing and people making kids balloon "things" everywhere. Other than the food - all of the extra stuff was free!

Needless to was PACKED. When we got there, we parked and pretty much walked over to the restaurant right away and were told it was a 2 1/2 hour wait. Um, yeah, our kids were DYING as it was (it was 7:00) - they're usually in bed between 7:30-8:00 so they've long had dinner by this time usually!! We had to walk around for about another half an hour to find cash to get food at one of the food vendors .... we stood in a huge line at a food booth - and the kids were FREEZING - lips quivering, goosebumps under their coats .... they were CRANKY because they were hungry .... and so we decided just to leave. This is now a little after 8 ... so we are looking for something decent close by - everything looked packed - where do we end up? You guessed it, the Golden Arches ..... not that the kids minded!!! We ate and then decided to see if we could find a parking spot close enough to watch the fireworks from the car. We actually found a spot close enough where we could walk back and then get right back to the car (most of the parking was in a parking garage) - so we all got out and walked back. The fireworks started (after a lengthy speech from the mayor, lol, or it seemed lengthy in the cold anyway!!) and the kids FREAKED out. All three of them. They were all crying and just ..... freaking out. So.....we had to walk back to the car. By the time we got far enough away, Zach enjoyed watching them, so he and I stood and watched for awhile....he even said "this was the best fireworks ever!" I was thinking - what about 10 minutes ago??? They obviously didn't like the noise - the girls did say they liked the colors.

Anyway, here's some pictures from Hollydazzle and if you live in this area - I'd encourage you to go next year....there is TONS of stuff for the kids.....just don't plan on eating there!!


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