Saturday, November 1, 2008

Zach's first school parade...

Zach had his first school parade...I unfortunately couldn't be there because I was already at the doctor's office getting the twins their shots (Zach came right after school). Here's some pictures Daddy took. If you're wondering why Sam is the "only" parent in the parade, apparently Zachary had it in his mind that his Dad was going to be with him the WHOLE after Sam helped Zach with his costume and Mrs. Sharon asked the parents to leave the room ... Zachary freaked out (like why is my Daddy leaving) Sam had to march in the little parade too. (Our neighbor Jen, who's kids also go to the same school caught the action since Sam couldn't. :)

The boys stick together!

Well, I was going to post a couple from the actual "parade" but there are no shots where he's not frowning or crying. So ... this is his class.....three boys and eleven girls (not all are in the picture) LOL.


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