Friday, November 7, 2008

Zach soccer update....

As Zach is approaching the end of his second season in soccer, thought I'd post some pictures from a recent game. He's really doing so much better this season (paying attention more, going after the ball, etc.) He's scored lots of goals this year (not that we're counting or anything!!) <-- Smile! He cracks me up ... you can see the determination in his face...and his mouth is always open when he gets the ball ... too funny!!! He doesn't like when I bring the camera, so most of these shots I got on the sly --- before he found out I was even there! He also doesn't like when anyone cheers for him - if anyone (another parent, etc.) says Go Zach, or that was GREAT Zach, he covers his ears. Wonder what that's about? The twins are pretty good when they go to his game, and now they're a little older, we don't have to worry about them "as much" .... they like to hang around in the foresty part of the field and make piles of pine cones and sticks and pine needles, and look for bugs. (Yes, look for bugs...seriously!) Nana has been here for the past month so she's got to see 3 of his games (I think 3) and that's been a real joy for her to have been here to see Zach play.

Zach really likes his teammates this year, and we're fortunate to have a great bunch of parents who really help out with the kids (getting them on and off the field, etc.) That really makes Sam's job of trying to keep 5 (4) year olds focused on the game a little easier!!!

Here's my favorite shot of the group....he just kicked the ball in for a goal! Look at this form, lol!

Here's the rest of the pictures ....just click play - or you can scroll through them.

Well have a great night and a happy weekend!!


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