Monday, November 3, 2008

Don't forget to vote!!!

You have no idea how happy I am that we're coming to the end of a LONG election campaign! I have to say I've received about 100 pieces of mail between BOTH parties in the last month ... it's crazy!! I'm voting tomorrow for Barack Obama and I want to tell you why.

I think America is a great country and I want to see better health care, better education, roads that are fixed and bridges that don't collapse, more responsible actions overseas and less dependence on foreign oil. All the typical Democrat "rhetoric" if you will.

Barack Obama has sparked the interest of so many people this election and many "naysayers" will say it's a lot of "first time" African American voters voting because he's a black candidate. I say.....he did a great job of spreading his message. At least he inspired them to get up and register, and hopefully they will vote and become more aware. That's the first step! It is every Americans right and responsibility to vote ... and if he can make them do it ...more power to him! It just shows that he has the capacity to bring people of all races together in my opinion.

Do I think Barack has all the answers? No, I don't. I don't think anyone going into that office COULD POSSIBLY have all the answers, regardless of how many years they've been in the government or how many times they've served our country. There are way too many variables and that is why our Presidents have panels of advisers with various realms of experience who help him make appropriate and wise decisions. Do I agree with all of his positions on every issue? No, definitely not.

Are there Black/African American tomorrow that will vote for Obama just because he's African American? Yep, for sure....they're predicting the largest turnout of Black voters, ever. Are there Republicans who will vote for McCain SOLELY because he's Republican. DEFINITELY. Democrats that vote for Obama just BECAUSE he's a Democrat? MmmHmm. I know people personally who always vote for the candidate who's party they "believe in". However, I believe that overall we are an intelligent informed nation (definitely more so after this election!) and I HOPE there are many, many more Americans who will vote for who they think is the better candidate, based on the issues that are important to them, rather than voting along party lines or who the candidate is because of their race or gender (look how far Hillary got.)

If I had to make a list of the things that I like/don't like about either candidate, I'd have a lot more in favor of Obama. Fundamentally, I don't agree that the wealthy should "pay more" because likely they've worked harder, and earned their money so they deserve to keep it. It makes sense. But I do think that everyone should help our society become better educated, more informed and healthy so that the less fortunate (not necessarily the lazy people) CAN get out there and live the American Dream. I want to see ALL children have a chance at a better future and the kids that benefit from those tax dollars are the people who will be the presidents and politicians of MY future, and my KIDS future. That's important to me. I don't know what else you can do but have the people who make more money pay a little more. I know that sucks, I agree that sucks. And I know there are thousands (millions?) of people who abuse welfare and find every possible loophole. However, I also know that there are just as many people who are on welfare who would MUCH rather be working and earning a paycheck rather than using food-stamps at the checkout line or living in government housing, which typically is in less than desirable areas. I know that people in less than fortunate situations often have trouble getting OUT of those situations and they lead a very tough life. I don't think ALL of these people have slacked off or worked less on purpose ... I think many have been part of a broken "system" that this presidency can hopefully be part of fixing - if not for them, at least for giving the kids of today (our future) a better chance.

Obama wants to improve our relations around the world and get our troops home safely. I read this awhile ago and I think it's very true: The sad use of unilateralism as a foreign policy will be one of history’s harshest condemnations of President Bush. It will be very important that Barack Obama as President build credibility with our allies, and open lines of discussion with those who oppose us, as a way to again show that we are not an arrogant country, but mindful that we are a part of the global family. Iran is but one nation that we need to open up lines of communications with. Obama understands that Syria must also be brought into the larger Middle East discussions. It is only through a complete new beginning of international understanding and bridge building that the slippage our nation has experienced on the world stage can be stopped, and then reversed.a way to again show that we are not an arrogant country, but mindful that we are a part of the global family. SINCE the capture of Saddam Hussein there have been more than three thousand men and women who have lost their lives. We helped remove the dictator and saw that he was brought to justice. We've helped them create a democratic government and a police force. They don't want us there anymore. They have more money than we do. I cannot for the life of me understand why we don't have a more responsible "plan" by our current Administration to withdraw our troops. I feel with Obama as President he will seek the counsel of his advisers and together they come up with the most responsible plan to make this happen. He does not seem like a person who will make snap judgements or hot tempered comments and he will help re-establish us as more of a "peace-keeping" nation. That's important to me. I think there are threats in the middle east that need to be addressed. I'm not "anti-war". I'm pro making the RIGHT decisions at the RIGHT time and having well thought out plans for putting and end to killing our brave soldiers when we should be focusing on the other things threatening our nation.

My right to choose, freedom for everyone and gun control are also important issues for me. Do you know that McCain opposes restrictions on assault weapons and ammunition types - including those that are armor piercing? He voted against the Brady Bill. I realize we all have the right to keep and bear arms, but when the constitution was written, I'm pretty sure there were no semi-automatic machine guns around. Who needs armor piercing ammo, anyway? Why would anyone NOT want to take those products OFF the general market? I don't get that one, and I don't think "banning" the sale of those type of weapons is breaking the constitution. You can still keep and bear arms. Just not the type of arms that can take out 15 students in one fell swoop if you're a psycho disgruntled college student, or with the kind of ammo that protects our police officers in raids of drug infested neighborhoods, etc.

I could go on and on about the reasons I think Obama will make a better President and it probably doesn't matter to you at this point. Overall ... I think he has the ability to bring people together and I think he will lead this country in a better direction than it's going. I think he has that ability to do this, and I don't have confidence that McCain does. Both candidates have "flip-flopped" on certain issues and I think that will ALWAYS happen. People act so surprised when that happens, but it's nothing new. Just because you have an opinion on something today, or this year ... doesn't mean you will feel the same tomorrow - or next year - maybe your opinion or mindset will change after you have all the facts or have had time to really reflect on all the implications your action will have. Don't you think it's the same for the people running our government?

PS: If you have a few minutes - read this speech if you didn't see it (I didn't.) I think this, from someone who is Christian, but not HIGHLY religious in any way, is inspiring and well written. This is the kind of speech you would envision coming from someone leading the most powerful country in the world.

Above everything else this I have been more interested in this election than ever before. Perhaps it's because I have kids now and I worry for their future. I know that certain things EITHER candidate will put into effect will have an impact on us in some ways. No one knows what the future holds, but I have HOPE that with Obama as a president things will improve, and people will step up to the plate like never before, to change and undo the past 8 years.

Good luck, for whoever you're voting for ... and may the best man win! :) Just make sure to get out there and vote. This election is critical and every voice counts!


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