Friday, October 3, 2008

Pictures of the girls

Other than their modeling "gig" I haven't posted much about the girls lately. They've been doing really good ... getting big and talking A LOT. They apparently (Thank heavens I wasn't there for this or I probably would have died of embarrassment) said something really funny (KID funny) today.

Our nanny had them out for a walk and they were down the street and a woman of Middle Eastern descent came out of her home. She was wearing some type of head-dress (I have no idea what you call it) and Avery said "Look! A ghost!" Debbie doesn't think that the lady heard her, but of course "Addie chimes in and says "A ghost A ghost!" A few seconds later the lady comes down the drive way and says "what lovely children...." and Debbie says she's the Nanny ... but HOW EMBARRASSING! Heheee! Kids say the craziest things, but - in fairness to them, they do run around with their blankets on their heads pretending to BE ghosts, so I can see where they made the connection. Probably pretty smart on their end! LOL!

Our nanny is leaving us (I'm sad) and so we're going to be putting the kids in day-care (pre-school.) We're looking at different options, but I think it will be good. All the programs I've looked at have a much more advanced program than Zach is in now and the girls would actually have a structured day whereas they don't really have much structure now, so that will be good. Both age groups have a "curriculum" and so they will really get more out of the pre-school setting at this age, I think. (I'm trying to psych myself into believing that. Can you tell??) The girls are excited (they'll get back packs like they're brother) and there is a huge play set ('cause you know, we don't have one or anything!)

Anyway, here's some recent pictures of them! Addison's in the pink - Avery's in the green.

This is sooooo Addison - goofy.

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