Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hut Hut Hike!

Sam was in Minneapolis for work for the last week and he was able to see 3 of Ben's football games, 2 of his hockey try outs, Kayla perform dance team for her high-school football game and another dance-team event for Kayla! It was an action packed week for Sam and he enjoyed being able to see so many activities - and it sure gave him a taste for what we're in for (running from event to event!) Even as of next year, our girls will either be in dance or soccer - and with Zach's activities (soccer and he'll be in t-ball as well) we'll be chauffeuring them all over the place!

Here's some pictures from Sam's visit. He is going to be back in Minneapolis again in a couple weeks for work, so I'm sure he'll get to see the kids in more events.

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