Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pre-school update...

Just wanted to post an update on Zach and how he's doing in school.
You remember the Teddy Bear Tea - the kid who pouted the whole time, the kid who screamed and kicked when we got there and who didn't want Mom to leave him on the 2nd or 3rd day?

Well he LOVES school.
He is sooooo excited to go each day - he loves his teachers, loves to play and sing and he gets so excited when it's time to leave. Even his sister love going to drop him off or pick him up at his class. When I took them the other day to pick him up, he brought them in his class room and showed them around and brought Addie to meet "Miss Sharon". It was very cute.
His teachers say he is doing very well and he loves singing in class...go figure, Mr. Shower singer. I'll be posting a new video soon, I heard him singing a song that I think you'll all find really sort of ...............interesting. If he ever gets on American Idol someone remind me of this video, okay? (heeheee!) His teachers also said he's the most polite little boy. (That's a compliment, right?) :)
Just thought I'd share the latest school news.
You all have a great to you later!


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