Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Paris ... Continued....

So.....continuing on with Paris........a month later! :)

Here's some pictures from Notre Dame...........I had to remove Photoshop from my computer for now (space constraints!), so I am not able to do any work as far as making the pictures come out any clearer or lighter, and I'm not yet trained on how to take indoor photos with my fancy Canon Rebel camera. (One of these days, in my spare time, I'm going to take a photography class! Maybe an online one??)
All I can say is our pictures of Notre Dame don't do it justice. The architecture is ... breathtaking and I can't even imagine what it would be like to be at a mass service there. You get the goosebumps walking around this 11th century building - the stained glass is indescribable. We lit prayer candles, and took a few photos while walking around. It was an amazing part of our trip to France.

Too dark, I know!

The stained glass in this cathedral....incredible.

Next, and last up on our European .... are our pictures of the Eiffel Tower. I saved the best pictures for last. We loved going to the Eiffel Tower and we went there more than once ... it was amazing to see it both during the day and at night when the lights were on, and then as it got darker, the lights sparkled for 10 minutes at the top of every hour - which is something they started doing on New Years of 2000 and will continue until 2010.
More on that another night!

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