Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The inside mommy ...

Last night I was laying in bed with Zach (thinking of ways to torture him when he's older for the bedtime hell he puts me through now) and he said something that I thought was cute, or really rather sweet.

When he gets in his bed I always push him towards the wall so I can lay on the outside of the bed (which means I can slip right out once he finally falls asleep). I always joke and say "get in bed, inside boy." And he'll reply back "okay, outside girl." Last night he said he wanted to be the 'outside boy' so I finally relented (easier than arguing with a 4 year old) and he said .. "thanks, mom." I said..."so I'm the inside now girl, huh?" and he goes ..."no, silly mommy, you're not a girl....!" I said "No? Then what am I?" He said .... "you're a mommy. See you're big and tall, and you have mommy hair (he's rubbing my hair) and mommy glasses and mommy eyes (he's rubbing my face) - you're a mommy." I said but "I'm still a girl...." He said "No, just a take care of me and sissies and you take care of everyone." I said "Just a mommy then, huh? Is being a mommy important to you?" He said "yes, I'm lucky you're my mommy. Zachy's lucky....." ****Sigh****** So if anyone wonders why this kid is so dang spoiled, there ya go. He's a heart breaker sometimes.
Though I just thought of something. I wonder if by big and tall and mommy hair and mommy glasses and mommy eyes he really meant - big and fat four eyed, gray haired lady with wrinkles. Eesh!

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