Friday, August 29, 2008

My 4 year old DAREDEVIL

Ok .... so if there was any doubt ... Zach definitely takes after his Daddy. The kids were all outside playing this morning and I see out my window Zach run inside the garage and come out with his bike helmet. He then runs over to our neighbors house - where two boys who are like 10 & 12 live - and I can see that Miss Debbie and the girls are there also. Curious on why Zach needed his helmet (since I saw what was going on over there the other day) I finish what I was doing and go over.

Let me back up for a second --- the other day we saw these two boys, and all of their friends --- had rigged up a zip line type of thing where they have this rope tied onto a tree branch and a swing seat tied to the rope ... and then someone sits on the swing seat ... and three or four other kids (with gloves!) pull the other end of the rope so the kid in the seat gets lifted in the air 15-20 feet high. Sam was watching this the other night and he was laughing .... and he said oh, that's something I SO would have done when I was their age.

WELL......................................I go over and here is my SOON TO BE FOUR YEAR OLD having the TIME OF HIS LIFE. Yes, he thought this contraption was awesome - he had a blast, and he kept wanting to go, but he did wait to take his turn. The kids were ALL so good with him and they helped him on and they didn't pull it too hard, but he wanted to go higher, and higher, and higher! Thank GOD someone had the sense to have him put on a helmet (Nanny Debbie, I'm sure!!) LOL!!!

If he wasn't having such a fun time - I'd have been more freaked out, but he looked so cute with this huge smile on his face! Here's some pictures.....these will make you proud, Dad! (If you're looking at these through an e-mail go to the blog so you can click on the picture to enlarge.....very cute!)

How high do you think he is there??
See that smile on his face????

The boys helping him off...
Now he's helping the kids get the next person in line up...LOL!

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