Monday, August 11, 2008

I forgot to mention a couple of things!

I forgot to mention a couple things!

First of all - even though we both have Blackberry "world edition" phones, since this was partially a work trip for Sam, his company got him the European SIM card for Germany, Austria and France (necessary to use our phones over there.) So basically once we got to Europe my phone was useless. Of course we get there, no luggage, off schedule, no idea of "WHEN" our bags are going to arrive so we're not sure what we're going to do - and Sam's phone doesn't work. And of course, no Verizon. Nothing like being OUT OF TOUCH when you're out of the country. LOL!
Our bags did eventually catch up with us - in Austria! When we talked to Lufthansa they said they were going to be delivered to our 2nd hotel in Germany (even though we were headed to Austria!) However, they did catch up with us on evening of day 3.
In addition, on our second day, we found a T-Mobile store and they checked the phone. We had a feeling that something was wrong with the SIM card because it was not coming out. Sure enough, the person at Sam's corporate office who installed it put it in backwards accidentally (oops!) so it wasn't working! Once we got it "out" and turned it around........voila! We were connected!
Then, to make our story even funnier/worse/more dramatic ...when we finally DID get our bags...I plugged my FAVORITE hair straightener into the electricity converter (because the one I got at the salon in Hohenschwangau was OK but it was no CHI!) and I took my first wonderful shower after 4 days with my bumble & bumble shampoo and bath & body soap .... and I was putting on my makeup before we were going out and Sam was like ummmm, honey, I think your straightener is on fire.....and basically, it was. The plates had actually (literally) melted off. So obviously, the power "converter" did not comprehend the voltage and it got too hot. Anyone got an in at Farouk? Can I send my CHI back?? The same thing happened with the travel iron I brought, I think the power converter fried it. So much for European power converters or whatever you call those things. Heeheee!!!!! I just want to tell you all the BAD things so I can move on to the really good things later in the week. :)
PS: If I forget in all my blogging this week, remind me to tell you guys the story of my Paris "original" charcoal drawing I bought on the steps of the Louvre. I'll just give you a hint now ... the phrase is "a sucker is born every minute?" (Yah, that would be me.) Heehee!

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