Sunday, August 17, 2008

Guess what? We have twin dogs!

Ok so tonight I was in my girls room trying to get them to go to sleep (we went COLD TURKEY with all three of the kids this weekend and their pacifiers....UGHHHHHH!) and they were laying in bed together (they often do) and they were kind of like breathing like dogs (panting) and they started licking each others hands, arms, etc.! I said WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING! They said we're dogs now mommym, woof! Ok, that's a little weird, even for their mom! I told them they needed to sleep in their own beds tonight because they are definitely NOT dogs, LOL! They've been into dogs this weekend, they've had ever stuffed dog they have out, barking like dogs in the car, trying to eat their food without their hands (they even told us if we were to get a dog they'd want to name it barkwoof) but the licking - okay, I had to stop it there.
The twins have not been doing as good as Zach sans paci - which we weren't expecting (we thought it was going to be the other way around). LOTS of crying and extremely crabby mostly when they're getting tired. I think this first week is going to be hard.
Sam and I had the RARE opportunity to have the twins by ourselves on Saturday (Debbie took Zach to the pool) and we took them to the mall to get their hair cut, then we went shopping for a bit (they got these huge balls at Target which THEY wanted to carry through the mall on the way back - no help from mom and dad, thank you very much) and we had lunch. It was so nice to have just the time to spend with them. Although at one point after their haircut, Addison had finished her lollipop and I *think* she was looking for a trash can but she lets go of our hand and very seriously says stop (puts her finger up) I'll be right back. Don't move a muscle. And she turns on her heel and walks away. Sam and I looked at each other like she didn't just say "don't move a muscle" .... and we cracked up as she walked away (presumably to look for a trashcan to put her lollipop stick) and then turned around when she didn't see one. I think we laughed for ten minutes. I mean she was serious, finger pointed and all. :)

We took them to see Wall-E at night and they did very good - a little antsy towards the end but Zach sat through the whole thing and didn't pee once (which was amazing because the first time I took him to see it he peed, I'm not kidding 15 times....and it was funny because I saw things this time that I didn't see last time because I spent so much time taking him to the potty!!) They loved seeing Wall-E and the girls LOVE Eve. We got Zach this Wall-E toy in France and it dances and moves when you talk to it (you can actually hook your iPod up to it and it will dance to your music) and they just think it's the best toy.
Other than that - we took them to the pool today - trying to keep them busy. They were pretty cranky today - they didn't sleep much last night and were up EARLY today. Zach has been swimming with just a life jacket and he loves the freedom of being able to swim across the pool by himself. Miss Debbie has been trying to help him put his face in the water, and she's doing a great job - he's not scared at all! We've been watching the Olympics too .... especially the swimming .... we've got Phelp-fever over here ... all I can say is WOW, how exciting, we were all jumping out of our chair the last two races! Zach does, however, think he's going to play beach-volleyball in the Olympics one day. (Heehee, funny!!) He has enjoyed watching that for some reason.
Well you all have a great night. I know I have some Europe postings left, I'm working on them. I've got Heidelberg, which we absolutely loved ....and Paris (equally loved) which ended our trip to do. Trying to get everything caught up has been crazy. I'll do more this week! Just wanted to post about my new twin dogs.

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