Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First stop.................Hohenschwangau Germany!

First of all here was our Itinerary, so you can see a little bit about where we went/stayed. We'd recommend each and every one of the hotels to anyone!

August 1st:
Hohenschwangau, Germany
Hotel Muller Hohenschwangau
August 2nd:
Garmisch, Germany
Reindel’s Partenkirschner Hof
August 3rd:
Innsbruck, Austria
Grand Hotel Europa
http://www.grandhoteleuropa.at/ (Nice hotel -
August 4th – 7th:
Heidelberg, Germany
Heidelberg Marriott Hotel (At first I thought a Marriott in Germany - but it was great, and we LOVED Heidelberg!!!)
August 7th – 10th:
Paris, France
Hotel Keppler

For our first night, at the Hotel Muller (as you know we had no luggage) the hotel was AWESOME. The people were fantastic and they continued to call Lufthansa to check on our bags to see if they could locate them (that was the most frustrating part - for three days, Lufthansa didn't even know WHERE they were!) But they were so nice to us, and provided us with all the necessary toiletries for the evening (because the shops were closing).

Here's a couple shots of our room and the view from our balcony! Our room overlooked Hohenschwangau Castle, which was where King Ludwig grew up. As you probably know he was in the process of building Neushwanstein (his dream castle) and had only completed three floors before the government declared him mad (insane) and sent him to an asylum, where he was found dead the next morning under suspicious circumstances. To the right our room over looked the castle, to the center, our room over looked the JagerHouse and to the left, just the town street/mountain. It was fabulous. I'm going to attach four pictures below, and I'll explain what you're seeing in the captions.

This was the Hotel Muller. (First see Neushwanstein in the background to the right?? Amazing!) Our room was the second on the bottom level - with the balcony - basically the room in the middle above the awnings.

This was the view out of our room to the right. King Ludwig's boyhood castle.
This was the view out of our room to the center.
This was the view out of our room to the left. I wish I could combine all three of these (I'm not so good w/photoshop yet!)

Here's a couple of our room, which was just so nice. The hotel staff really took wonderful care of us - fruit and water were waiting for us on our arrival -

We then took a tour of Neushwanstein, which was GORGEOUS! We took the horse drawn carriage up to the top (yeah, do you see ME walking??? NOT!) and here's a couple shots from the top:

Last but not least from our trip to Hohenschwangau - the Lake Hohenschwangau. There is nothing I can say but attach some pictures. It was positively breathtaking. The water was so clear and there were swans and mallards, it was just gorgeous. Of course you have the Alps in the background. I swear we took these pictures, and we will admit - they look like postcards.

You all have a great night. I'm working on adding these to my Kodakgallery - it's just taking awhile, since there is so many. Some are already on there, but not all and no titles yet so you won't know what's what....unless of course you've been there! :) Smile! Goodnight everyone!

Love, Rachel xoxoxox

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