Monday, June 23, 2008

Europe, get ready for us!

We're making the final preparations for our trip to Europe next month and other than the couple nights we have to stay at the Hyatt in Heidelberg, Germany (funny) we've got six glorious child-free nights (LOL, can you tell that we're excited about that?) on our own?

We're visiting Germany and Austria during the first half of our trip, then to Sam's conference, and once he's wrapped up there - we're going to be in Paris for 3 days. Sam's booking all the hotels in Germany and Austria and I'm doing the hotel for Paris. Look at some of the places he's got us staying! On our way we're going to see Neuschwanstein Castle (how can we not?) and a stop at Dachau, which was the first Nazi concentration camp opened in Germany. You might ask why we would want to see a concentration camp, right? I think it is because it symbolizes what the American troops went into Germany to do (liberate the people), and it also shows how fortunate we are to have the right to choose in our government (democracy). I think this will be an extremely moving and inspiring part of our trip, even though some people we've told have been slightly freaked out that we actually *want* to visit a WWII concentration camp.

Anyway, here's the hotel @ our first stop in Garmisch Germany. What a view!

Here's the hotel @ our Second stop in Innsbruck Austria (new addition to our trip).....I can't wait to see this place!

While in Innsbruck Austria, we're going to visit the Swarovski Crystal museum, which looks incredible, check out their website if you get time:

From there we're heading to Heidelberg, where Sam will spend a couple days working (he will be "schmoozing" is more like and hopefully I'll get a couple days of relaxing (visiting a few castles, a spa appointment ...........) I'm actually bringing my computer and I'm going to attempt to stay caught up with my e-mail, etc. After Germany, we head to Paris for a long weekend (Thursday-Sunday) and then back home. I haven't booked our hotel rooms in Paris yet, I'm still researching and trying to decide which location would put us within the best reach of all the things we want to see. I have to tell you though, the DOLLAR sure doesn't go as far as it used to.

Anyway, just thought I'd share our exciting plans with you all ... we're looking forward to our trip in a big way....though we will (sort of??) miss the kiddos. (Heehee, we'll actually miss them a lot, I'm just psyching myself up for how much we're REALLY going to miss them...this will be the longest time I've spent away from my kid(s) since Sam and I were in Antigua when Zach was about 7 months old........though to be honest, we didn't really miss him all that much then??!!) <----- just kidding, but we were in the lap of luxury @ Jumby Bay then, so it WAS pretty easy to forget our teething 7-month-old because we knew he was at home enjoying the time being spoiled rotten by his Aunt and Nana!!

Hope you're all doing well! We're keeping busy here, that's for sure! My mom is in town watching the kids until our new nanny, Debbie (God Send?) starts this week. We've been talking to her over the past couple of months as her current assignment is coming to an end (the child she takes care of mom is coming home from Iraq) and we think she'll be a perfect fit for our family. We're all excited to have her join us and we welcome her with open arms to our madness. (AGAIN, JUST KIDDING. sort of.) We took mom and all the kids to the Langley Air Force Base for their yearly air show this weekend - was really cool - we got to see all kinds of fighter jets and planes, sky divers, etc. and the British Royal Air Force Red Arrows performed this year (last year we saw the Thunderbirds) which was really cool. I'll post some pictures later in the week. I've also got a bunch of the girls to post too, I'm sure their Momma is dying to see new pictures of them. (All I can say, Sis, is unless you're laying out in the sun all day, your girls are gonna win the tanning contest this year! They will be brown skinned, white hair, blue eye beauties when I send them home to you!!)

Have a great day everyone!



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