Monday, May 26, 2008

It's fun to play at the Y-M-C-A (update)

Well our Chesapeake YMCA just opened an outdoor pool and splash park for the kids!
Not much to post other than the kids had a WONDERFUL time and some great pictures! I ran into one of the moms from my Bunco group and her twins and it seemed like they were enjoying it as well! I presume we'll see lots of moms and dads that we know there over the coming months, though I have to say it was QUITE chaotic, sometimes it stinks being outnumbered....if Sam and I are both helping one, before we know it we look up and one is about to dive straight into the ADULT pool! (ARRGH!) <---- I DO NOT LIKE THE SET UP AT THIS YMCA ...The other YMCA in Suffolk has the Adult pool gated off!!! DUH, why would they NOT do that ???
Update: I wrote to the YMCA and they said they are trying to create a "resort" style pool which has gone over very well at other YMCA locations. This was the response I got when I left my comments about the lack of barrier between the kids pool areas and the adult pool. First they said they didn't want to have "one" pool in case a child had an accident they didn't have to close off the whole area while the pool was being cleaned, which makes perfect sense - though that wasn't my complaint, nor my experience with the other YMCA. They then went on to comment: Also the Aquatic staff at Taylor Bend have purposely set up our lounge chairs to provide a barrier between the pools just in case a parent has to turn their head for a second or two. I don't know if this should have been the response someone from the YMCA should have posted in an Email...can you imagine if someones child drowns ... and the parent just looked away for a "second or two" and was relying on the "lounge chair barrier?" Now, don't get me wrong ... I'm NOT saying the YMCA is at fault here, I'm only comparing it to the Suffolk YMCA which really had a great set up as far as we were concerned - they had it blocked off quite nicely - the kids area in one section, the adult area in another. We just "presumed" that it would be that way here because it makes sense to have an added layer of security keeping an area designed specifically for toddlers blocked from an area where they can reach the swimming pool. Parents, guardians, nannies, etc. should ALWAYS have their eye on their kids. But accidents happen. And if you're like us, we're totally outnumbered. Seriously, Sam was helping Zach, I was helping Avery and I looked up and Addison was at the edge of the adult pool, and not one single lifeguard noticed (again, not their fault to notice every single kid in the place). I'm sure they would have if she'd have fallen in and there were plenty of adults, but literally in the two (OK probably twenty) seconds I bent down to help Avery - Addie being curious - not naughty - walked over to the adult section. The unfortunate (and probably selfish) part - is that unless we are together we can't take the kids to the pool - which also means that our Nanny can't take them in the summer either which is a MAJOR bummer for the kids because they love the water so much. There is just NO WAY one person can keep their eye on three kids when there is nothing to keep them from slipping into the adult section of the pool area. We were so looking forward to the new pool opening up, but now, not as thrilled. ( boohoo! )



More Avery Avery is the only photogenic one today, apparently!

Ooops Zach just got water in his face (heeehee !!!) <-Mom's not laughing, really!

Ooops, Ave too!
Is that Daddy laughing too!?? (He looks sexy in that CUBS hat!)
Who is this? I can't tell!!
Daddy and Addie!

We're going to the beach tomorrow so hopefully I'll get some cute shots of the three of them ! I LOVE beach shots! xoxoxo

Have a great night, I'm all cried out, blogged out and just plain tired out now!! (Smile!)

Ciao! Or Au Revior, I should say, since our first three days in Europe will be in Paris! <-- Does anyone have Rosetta Stone French they want to borrow me? I want to learn French BEFORE July. Because we're going to Paris, and I heard they are crappy to Americans if you don't speak any French. Well I want my ONE trip to the city of Love to be romantic and loving and not frustrating. You all know how I get, and how my blood pressure boils over. Can you imagine me with a Parisian who pisses me off? Sheesh! I just want to have a wonderful time, and not complain about anything, least of all the people or service. So I want to know the basics. Like how to order food, or wine or go PEE! ;) Let me know before I buy it!

See you all tomorrow! Sweet dreams! xoxox


Rachel (or imagine in French .....Rachelle --- draw out the chellllllllle) <---- Smile!

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