Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fun at the park ...

We took the kids to the park the other day - the one that is located at the soccer fields where Zach plays (this is their favorite). The funny thing is - get this - Zach loves the area that is for the toddlers. Addie and Avery love the area that is for the bigger kids. Funny, huh?

It was amazing to see how big they're truly getting. I remember taking Zach (I know, it always comes back to Zach) to the park for the first time in Maryland. I was a nervous WRECK as he was making his way up the steps to get to the little slide - he was a climber even then - but now ... he jumps (literally) from the open area ONTO the fire engine pole thing. I mean that thing is way up there, right? Check this out!

Zach's very first ever trip to the park ... (he was such a chunk!)
And now he's a little dare devil! Giving his Momma gray hair! That just won't do!

Here's some other really great pictures! Going down the slide together
Avery you're such a Monkey!
This hair after they went down the slide CRACKED me up! It stood straight up! I couldn't catch it fast enough on the camera, but it literally stood completely on end from the static electricity!
Why didn't they make these cool things when we were kids?
Stick your finger in an electrical socket?
Hair standing up ...heehee
OMG, one of Mommy!
This is Addie

This is Zach - just FYI.

Addie and Avery (Avery looking at the camera)

(We're still big-time CUBS fans around here!!!!)

It seems that we get more or less pictures of one kid during any event. I noticed we got more of Avery at the pool and more of Addie at the park. Hard to keep track, but Lord knows I can't ever get one of the three of them together!

Have a great night everyone! Pray for us to have a safe drive up to NJ tomorrow. I'll post pictures of Sam's birthday party next week!! I'm sure he'll have a great time seeing his friends, I'm glad we were able to arrange that for him! :)



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