Friday, May 23, 2008


Ok, Sam and I had a discussion earlier about this picture. I said it's a "Framer". He is the one who actually took it and it makes me smile. It makes me laugh. Out loud, acutally. Addison, just looks so happy and goofy and funny and I would like to see it in a frame - somewhere in my house. Maybe it doesn't make "the wall" - but I just think it qualifies for a frame. She just looks like such a goofball, which SO describes her personality.

What do you all think.

Framer? Or just a scrapbook, blog-picture, put away where no one gets to see it?

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TheAkersFam said...

In my world, photos like that end up as my screen saver. We have so many frames around the house that I just cant keep framing all the pics of my kids (because they are ALL SO FANTASTIC). That way, I see it regularly and it can be changed out with the next one.