Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bunk beds are for BIG BOYS!

Yep! Zach finally got BIG BOY furniture! He was steadily growing out of his toddler bed and with all the people we've got spending time here in the summer we figured it would be a good time to get some extra sleeping space. His sisters, unfortunately love it too....and it's all the rage to climb up and down the ladder. We've already had one fall from the ladder (top rung) to the floor (Addison) so please pray that we don't have any more accidents. They were all being little dare devils earlier in the week and going down the ladder forwards (not backwards) and so I got so frustrated I took the ladder off - but that did not deter my little ones, who I'm afraid are part monkey - they were all able to climb up to the top - SANS THE LADDER. OY VEY!!!!!!!!

The problem was they obviously couldn't get down very easily so I had to rush and get the ladder back on - these kids are going to give me gray hair before I'm 30! (Smile!!!) You guys want to take bets on who breaks an arm first? I've got ten bucks on Avery. Sam thinks they'll be fine, lol, but these kids are CLIMBERS. No fear. Pray for me. And them. :)

And in case you're wondering, those ARE Speed Racer sheets on the top bunk. Speed Racer is the LATEST craze at the Tramontana's ... even the girls are into it! Zach is really looking forward to going to see the movie with Daddy - maybe they'll get a chance to do that this weekend! We're hoping he grows OUT of the Speed Racer phase by the time we decorate his room in a few months because we're going to do it in a CUBS theme - which he says he wants ... but we cant exactly have Speed Racer sheets, can we? (This was just to hold him over until then!!) Smile!!

We sold his crib and changing table (Zach was actually kind of sad - lol - the new "owners" are picking it up this weekend!) Hopefully their little one will look as cute in it as Zach did when he was a baby!

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