Sunday, March 9, 2008

My son, the soccer God. (Well, almost)

Ok, that's an exaggeration. But it's close. Although, I wasn't there to actually SEE his god-like moves on the field, his dad/coach gave me a pretty detailed play-by-play of Zach's first ever soccer game ... and his first two goals!! (Mind you, the ONLY two goals scored for his team, The Burn!!!) Go Zach, Go Zach. Okay, yeah, I know it's a team sport and all and they're just THREE years old. But STILL .... Go Zach ... Heehee! (I'm proud of him!!!) Ok, got that out of me. From now on, it's not about winning or how many goals you score, right?

So you're wondering why I didn't go, right? Well....I went to his practice on Thursday night. And you all know Zach's a first-born Momma's boy. He didn't leave my side for one second and the thought of him getting onto the field to play sent him SCREAMING which made his sisters scream, which distracted the other kids. It was a serious disaster. And with Sam being the coach, there isn't really a lot he can do to give Zach a lot of one-on-one at that point. So we talked about it, and we made the decision that I wouldn't go to the first couple games - give him time to get used to it, get comfortable, etc. I personally thought after seeing the way he acted on Thursday that we were going to be hanging up the cleats for awhile as it was clear he is definitely immature at three to be in a "sport". So Daddy and Zach set off for the game and Mommy and the girls go on a shopping trip. A little while, Sam calls me on my cell and when I pick up he says "your son is David Beckham" LOL! Apparently Zach really played hard and stuck with the ball, blocked a few goals and scored his first two goals ever. Yes, my first born child not only deprived me of seeing him at his first organized sporting event - but of scoring his first goal too. Oh, I'm not going to let him forget this one.

I do regret not going - my neighbor tried to convince me that I should go because I won't get the "moment" back which is SO true, but I didn't want to distract him as well as the other kids if he saw me - I didn't feel that was fair to them. It also makes Sam's job as the coach harder and I'm sure the other parents more frustrated. Plus it was raining off/on and we don't have rain coats/boots for the girls so it was better that way (they actually played through the rain at some points) but STILL. Arrgh! Who would have thought!

Here are some pictures and a short video that I got before he left for the game. The funniest thing of all - though don't say it's a funny face to him, it hurts his feelings ... but it IS funny - he gets this SERIOUS look on his face when he has the ball. It's not a joke or something he is trying to do to make you laugh - it's just what he "does" ... it's hysterical.

Here's # 22 in action:

Here's the face when he has the ball. This is his "trap" move.

I don't know if you can click on this picture to see it bigger, but he has that FACE again!

Whoops! Ground was a little wet!

In action!

Hope you all enjoyed these pictures and the little clip of Zach as much as I did!



PS: Even though Zach scored the only two goals for the team, they lost like 20-2, Sam said. LOL. They don't REALLY keep track of that at this age do they? :) Smile!!

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