Saturday, February 2, 2008

Funny Election Website...

I know we all have our political differences....but I found this website and thought it to be rather funny. In particular, there is a quiz, I'm posting the link below as to "which candidate is right for you ... based on your personality". TOO FUNNY! Anyway, this is Comedy Central's "Indecision" website as I'm ....unfortunately.....still rather undecided at this point. I've caught bits and pieces of the debates, but have not heard not enough, in my opinion, to make any real judgements or opinions. I've heard zillions of rumors and stories about ALL the candidates (both for and against) ... so it's going to be a tough one for me this year. Anyway, thought you might like this site, and the blog is a hoot...typical Comedy Central fashion! I don't know if this will help me - or any of you - make your decisions, but it sure will give you a couple of laughs!!!
The website is:

The quiz is:

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