Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Random pictures of the twins ...

As you all likely know, I used to use my Kodak Gallery website to post ALL of my photos. I did for a couple of reasons. First, I was able to easily share my photos with our friends and family around the country. Second, this was a GREAT back up in case something ever happened to our computer (such as a virus or crash) you can buy a back up of all your photos.

Since I'm a photo junkie, I couldn't bear the the thought of ever losing one of my photos! So I used to just dump all the photos off my camera into Kodak and then give everyone the link. I'd take out the really bad pictures, but if I wasn't "sure" which pictures I wanted to print (if there was 5 or 6 of the same pose, for example) I'd just save them all - which usually meant everyone had to look through 200 pictures once a month.

I discovered a few things over this last year. First, a decent backup hard drive is like $80.00. It's small, portable and overall a GREAT investment. I just back up on there every week or so...and if I have a problem...I've got something to work with. Second, I started blogging - which is not only FUN but it is really a way for me to just.......unwind .....and tell you all a little about what is going on in the busy Tramontana household. (Just in the slightest chance you might actually want to know.) <-- smile!! Last, I started scrapbooking this past year. I realized that I was saving photos that had NO BUSINESS being saved. Like will Zach REALLY ever want to see TWENTY-FOUR pictures of him eating his first meatball? Seriously!

This year, my goal (and I just did this with my first batch of 2008 photos) is to delete any picture that is really not worthy of framing, blogging or scrapbooking. Anyway, enough about that. Here's some "random" photos of the girls from the last few weeks. Thought you would enjoy!

Addie getting cozy on the recliner with "Belle"

Avery getting ready for bed with her baby ....

Addie looking in a box...notice what's on TV in the background ... Guitar Hero (woohoo!!)

What the heck did you do to my hair mom! (heehee, I had to take this...I just took her pigtails out! She looked so goofy!!!)

Playing cars with Sissy on the Princess table.

Picture of Addie with her curly hair...she looks like such a toddler ...she is so losing that baby look. *sigh* .... They grow up too fast!!!

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