Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Looking for some prayers....

Hey Friends,

Sam got some news this morning that one of his best friends from college (they were fraternity brothers) is in critical condition at a hospital in Pittsburgh. He has a serious blood infection from what I understand. Without going into too much detail, his friend contracted Hepatitis A a few years back snorkeling in the Cayman Islands, of all places. Apparently, he came in contact with raw sewage in an area that was supposed to be safe to snorkel outside of the resort where he and his wife, Karen, were staying and over the last few months he has taken a turn for the worse. He is now in intensive care due to this blood infection which caused by a minor injury. Karen apparently is working with doctors to get him on an emergency liver transplant list that could help save his life if he is able to pull through this infection.

Sam hadn't kept in contact with his good friend over the years, and is really feeling very sad that he didn't. Let that be a reminder to all of us that even though we all have very busy lives, it doesn't take any time to drop an e-mail to our friends - old and new - just to say hello ... or pick up the phone ... or (and I know this is so.....out of style....kind of like, leg warmers or Forenza sweaters!) write a letter and send it through the MAIL (GASP!!)?? Needless to say, Sam got in contact with many people today that he has not talked to in years - and it's unfortunate that is what it took to reconnect them all.

Anyway, just wanted to ask all of our praying friends and family if you could send a prayer up for Sam's friend, Dave Slagle or put him on a prayer list at your church. I know Dave and his wife Karen could really use as many prayers as possible right now. We are truly hoping that he pulls through.

Thanks in advance,


*****************IMPORTANT UPDATE**********************

I read online today that if you are travelling to the Caribbean you should tell your doctor to get a Hepatitis A immunization. Honestly, I would have NEVER thought of this in a million years. Apparently it is very important to get this immunization especially when travelling anywhere south of the United States and Asia.

I read that Hep A is one of the most common vaccine-preventable infections acquired during travel ... so please - if you go - get the shots!

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